Shake Your Faith

by Good Grief

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Metal Phase 02:29
Cut me, sew me up See if I can take it Cut me, sew me up I bet that I can take it The sky fell down on you The ground shook beneath my feet We revise and we repeat The sky fell down on you The ground shook beneath my feet Now the pattern is complete You saw me through my metal phase We both lived through the ice age I bet that we can take it The sky fell down on you...
Some wiseguy said That fools go rushing in Maybe they're the ones who bind these branches But lightbulbs blink And silver hammers Unleash my heart in avalanches I know it's just the start of it I don't want any part of it Don't know what I was thinking of There must be a reason Buried within the season How can I help falling in love? You left your body And tied it to a crss You threw your gold out with the garbage Your crystal ball Gave bad predictions You just surrendered to the carnage... I know it's just the start... So hold your breath
High To Low 03:20
You made your money hitting nails into their soles You played the margins now you’re picking out the open goals But moving silently along the risen ground A narrow window opens - circumstances lost and found But they’re watching Looking out from streets below And they’re planning To take you down from High to Low And now that pink smoke’s blowing out across the breeze There’s a beast of burden here - he’s begging on his bended knees And in the darkness they’re dressed bright as they can be The hunter’s hunted now and face to face it’s you and he And they’re dying Trusted to a mirror’s glow Distant mountains Taken down from High to Low But they’re watching And they’re dying But they’re watching Looking out from streets below And they’re planning To take you down from High to Low
The blueprint for this house Was drawn up long before you moved in The brickwork; a statement A declaration of what lies within You play with confidence tricks To pull it down brick by brick You build it up To knock, knock, knock it down You gave us foundations To knock, knock, knock it down You brandish a trophy Like fools we polish your crown You fix me with those eyes My feet take root in the grund You pin it to your chest You wear it like a crest You build it up... And if we build it back up You'll claim this house is a wreck And if we pull it all down You'll claim it's our complex
The boards are bathed in light The dust starts to rest Analysis begins But the room rejects the test Guts spill into the crowd A fire is doused in sand The atmosphere corrodes As the flights, they fail to land So what's the bottom line? Is this a comedy? Is this an ailment? Is there a remedy? We can be free Of ties that bind the memory We can be free But you're rejecting their line It's a sign that you cannot see The second act begins We walk towards the light The darkness dominates But something came alive tonight Silence descends The story peters out What will it take to shake a faith That's always been devout? So what's... We can be... "What are you selling to them? What are you selling yourself?"
Tracing the point Where the timelines cross Where the numbers were dialled in wrong A faded graphic Of faces without lines Eyes shut tight and heads held back in song Try to measure the cracks in your voice And the gaps between the things that you said The shape of your stories lends a simple outline To all the lines I write in my head Trawling through back issues Turning dusty pages For memories that I can rerun You were hiding for so long You were hiding for so long Let's talk celluloid, let's dowse it in drink Let's run ourselves right into the grund Some shoulders bear the weight of heads to ld too soon I wonder what you'd make f this now How'd we get a century so wrong? Let's talk celluloid... Needles and pins And a thin layer of skin And a dot on a question mark We deal in fallout We deal in complicity We deal in tracing this arc How'd we get a century so wrong? How'd we let the decade just slip by? How'd we make a lifetime feel so long?
New Town 02:25
We moved the cities underwater Said good-bye to open air Acclimatised to new surroundings And built our new lives there Survival's harder underwater We fought for space among the crowds We had to follow brighter prospects And built our new home in the clouds I breathe in (x3) I can't wait to idle I can't wait to breathe I can't wait to dawdle I can't wait to feel like this is home
Line By Line 04:41
What’s that expression? The one you used to say to them? The one that no-one ever seemed to understand but you It left them thinking. What if it was you who got it wrong? Full of words that don’t belong You’ve got to read the notice You’ve got to follow the sign You’ve got to take the message down And read it line by line How did you get there? The place you always thought you’d be? The place you pulled the ladder up and built a higher wall They kept on looking. What if you came down and tried again? Who would help you then? You’ve got to read the notice You’ve got to follow the sign You’ve got to take the message down And read it line by line by line by line
You surveyed the scene Filled with dust and debris But it made the grade Your heart barely skipped a beat You found symmetry In that midtown manor Kept your heart in your pocket On that midtown street They said you ruined poetry (They rode your sensibility) You said, "It's more than they ever did" You wrote symphonies Whispered songs across ribbon Spent entire days Painting portraits of concrete You made your own way Across that midtown midday Breathed in the city On that midtown street They said...
Hatches 05:56
Here's where the clocks run down Here's where the band plays out Here's where we stare at the stars When the universe reaches its end Will you let all the dark matter in? Here's where we stare at the stars So batten down the hatches, we're gonna hit the iceberg Batten down the hatches We burned all the matches, we set off all the fireworks So batten down the hatches
I watch the rain As it trickles down the glass Distorting everything in view Of me and you Meanwhile a thousand summers pass Static fills the waves The signal flickers in and out Until it's clear This connection can't be saved Summer's waiting But my skin's so dry How's the season gonna heal us When i can't face the light? Sunlight's fading And my eyes are tired Sit beside me as I sift through The embers in the fire We got reeled in We got tangled up in terms We've got overlapping frequencies And more cause for confusion than concern Now here's the chase: The flow is endless One click following another And their paths cannot be traced Summer's waiting...


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released March 18, 2022

Will Fitzpatrick - guitar/vocals
Paul Abbott - bass/vocals
Matiss Dale - drums

All songs by Good Grief.

Tracks 1-10 recorded and mixed by Stephen Cole at What Studio, Liverpool. Track 11 recorded and mixed by Paul Abbott at home.

Vocals on track 11 by Sarah Maher.

Produced by Stephen Cole and Good Grief.
Mastered by Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above, Ottowa.
Artwork by Paul Rafferty.

Thanks to Ste and Dave for technical wizardry and encouragement; the good folks at HHBTM and Everything Sucks; Paul Rafferty for making us look good; our friends and families; and YOU, for listening.


all rights reserved



Good Grief Liverpool, UK

Hüsker Don't.

Indie rock/punk trio from Liverpool.

We'd like to come to your town.


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